Pakistan’s Approach towards Saudi-Iran Rift

Feb 24th, 2016 | Category: Articles

By:    Aasef Chauhdry

There is not a single piece of land on earth where one can see the peace prevailing. However, ironically, the Muslim countries are the most affected areas, which is quite surprising and disturbing as well. It appears as if there are greater plans to keep the Muslim Ummah under the war clouds and bloodshed just to pave way for Israel. May it be Asia, Africa or Europe; the targets are only the Muslim countries. The most recent example is of Saudi-Iran conflict which has brought both the countries, literally at the verge of war. The fissured relations and swelling tension between both Muslim countries have serious consequences for the region in particular and the whole Muslim world in general. The heightening belligerency and non-cooperation between both sides will only benefit the vicious and self-perpetuating unsophisticated and close-minded ideology of ISIS.


It’s only a few weeks back that suddenly there was the talk about Turkey-Russia row in air, which ignited soon after a Russian plane was shot down by the Turkish Air Force for violating the latter’s air spaces. Both the countries were at the brink of a clash, nevertheless, the situation cooled down after the exchange of hot statements from both the sides. Somehow the other it looks as if that normalcy or easing of tension between both the countries was not appreciated by the enemies of peace in the region. If the current KSA-Iran escalation in rift is critically analysed it seems as if a well engineered plot has been designed to create a more easy and uncontestable environment for Israel in the region.


The rising tension between both the significant powers of Middle East is not likely to serve Ummah’s any cause, rather it’s going to seriously affect the peace process initiative in Syria and Yemen which is already being spoiled by a large number of known and unknown stakeholders of both the conflicts. It will also cast negative shadow over the plight of Palestinians people who are witnessing growing aggression from Israel and are paying the heavy price for their freedom.

The most disappointing part of this whole scenario is the one that is being played by the international peace watchdogs. As the crisis escalated, the little has been done in the form of positive and practical diplomacy by the international community to tranquil cross-Gulf tensions, apart from mere appeals for self-discipline. Only Russia has come forward and has offered to mediate. Those who sincerely desire, to see peace prevailing in the Middle East, are looking towards the UN to step forward and play a decisive role to cool down both the parties. The UN must play a more perceptible role in cooling tempers as the Middle East cannot afford a Saudi-Iranian inferno.


Amidst this all, Pakistan has adopted a sane approach by announcing that it would work to reduce tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, along with working for “unity” within the Muslim world. Pakistan has seriously realised that the geographic, geopolitical and geo-economic reasons along with issues of religious sensitivities compel Pakistan not to take sides in the enmity. It’s certainly in the best interest of Pakistan to safeguard its internal communal harmony and stability, to stay neutral under any circumstances or come what may, since impartiality is the best choice for Pakistan to make at this moment.

Everyone knows that Pakistan enjoys a very vital place among the Muslim Ummah, hence being a very important Muslim country; Pakistan should activate its diplomatic corps to move UN, OIC and other international/regional forums to bring the rival countries on parley table. At the same time, media is expected to play a very responsible and positive role and should follow the guidelines issued by the PEMRA at all costs to avoid generating controversies on the issue and urge for de-escalation of the tension. Besides this the government’s efforts in this regard should be acclaimed and approved by the media. Pakistan is playing a unique and unprecedented role which should not go unnoted.


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