Islamic State (ISIS) asks Kashmiris to behead Indian troops

Dec 12th, 2017 | Category: Articles

An article in Islamic State magazine ‘Rumiyah” asks Kashmiri Muslims to restart their fight “under the banner of Khilafah” and behead Indian and Pakistani troops who confront them.

The article, originally published in Urdu but translated by a Kashmir centric, pro-IS media group ‘Al-Qaraar’ in a Telegram post dated December 1, asks Kashmiri Muslims not to be fooled by “spies from RAW or ISI”, the two agencies handling external intelligence in India and Pakistan respectively, or those working with them, and “kill them everywhere” . “Even if their names resemble those of Muslims, they are murtadd (apostate) and have left the religion of Allah just as the arrow leaves the bow, so crush the heads of these wolves in sheep’s clothing before these murtaddin hit you,” a post uploaded on SITE Intelligence Group website said quoting from the article.

Calling upon Kashmiris to disavow democracy and pledge allegiance to IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the article asserted that Kashmiri people have been continuously “deceived” by India and Pakistan since Partition in 1947.

“Do not leave the Hindustani, Pakistani, Arab and non-Arab tawaghit (tyrants) and their armies in a condition to be able to breathe or powerful enough to defend themselves; ambush them, confront them, and be intense and tough in fighting with them. Hence, when troops come face to face, then cut off their heads and cut off every joint of them, destroy their vehicles, attack them, take them by surprise in their shelters, and blow up explosive vehicles and jackets on them, so that they can taste the flavour of your battle,” the IS warned in the Rumiyah article. It also asked Kashmiri Muslims to single out officials of RAW and ISI.

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