Chairman Democratic Freedom Party Shabir Ahmad Shah appealed for helping affected families of martyrs, prisoners

Jul 30th, 2013 | Category: Kashmir News

Chairman Democratic Freedom Party Shabir Ahmad ShahOn the completion of Holy month of Ramadan and the approaching of Eid-ul-Fitr, senior pro-freedom leader and Chairman Democratic Freedom Party Shabir Ahmad Shah has appealed all the affluent and prosperous persons to come forward in helping the families of those who were martyred during the ongoing freedom struggle and who are languishing in jails.

In a statement he said that it is the responsibility of every well-to-do and prosperous people to come forward and lend a helping hand to the families of those martyred and those who are imprisoned. “It is obvious that the family of a martyr, who belongs to a poor family and was the lone bread winner of his family, would be in poor economic condition.”

The DFP Chairman said that freedom is for whole nation and whole nation should play role in its seeking. “Unless the acumen of intellectuals, wealth of well-to-do persons and golden age of youth collaborate in the struggle for freedom movement, the dream of freedom will never come true.”

Shabir Shah has appealed all the freedom loving people to formulate Zakat committees in every locality in order to help the families of martyrs and prisoners. “Ramadan ul Mubarak is the month of mercy and blessings but for those people who act upon the teachings of Messenger of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) that “He is not moomin who fills his belly while his neighbor has nothing to eat”.”

He said that we should act upon this saying of Messenger of Allah and come forward to help the deserving heirs of martyrs and prisoners. “If we will fulfill our responsibilities, then the dawn of freedom will not be far.”

Meanwhile, Freedom Party spokesperson while condemning the continuous house arrest of its chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah said that from past two and a half years, Shah has been put either under house arrest or is kept under detention for a total of 13 months and 26 days. “As such, he is being prevented 106th time to offer congregational Friday prayers.”

The spokesperson while strongly condemning Shabir Ahmad Shah’s continuous house arrest and restrictions on his Friday prayers termed the government policy as “a great blow to the so called democracy”.

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