US professor puts Gaza, Kashmir sufferings on canvas

Aug 20th, 2014 | Category: Kashmir News

Kashmir-born Sadaf Munshi, professor in the University of North Texas, US, has put the human sufferings of Gaza and Kashmir on canvas.

Her paintings are on a display for two days at the Jammu and Kashmir Cultural Academy office at Lal Mandi in Srinagar.

The paintings exhibit the pain of the victims of Gaza killings and also the Kashmiris who have suffered during the turmoil. Sadaf said she was moved by the recent happenings in Gaza especially the atrocities on children which motivated her to draw faceless women and children of Gaza in her paintings.

Another painting of hers showcases conflict in Kashmir as a prison and she says due to the turmoil the Kashmiris have been unable to break their shackles.

“The closed wall in my painting is reflective of what it is being like in the Valley,” Sadaf added. She said art could be a powerful medium of expression of human sufferings and that Kashmir was in dire need of more platforms where such expressions could be showcased.

“I was shocked to know that there is still not a single art gallery in the Valley. Even for the display of my paintings, I had to look for adequate space and finally I got the support of the cultural academy. I really think that the artists in the Valley do not have a viable platform to showcase their talent,” Sadaf said.

Some eminent visitors of the exhibition included former Gyanpeeth Awardee Rehman Rahee, linguist Farooq Nazki and poet Zareef Ahmad.

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