The mother shares the tale of her seven-months-old daughter Noor Fatima who lost her hand to the Indian shelling

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Sahibs Matloob, 23, the mother shares the tale of her seven-months-old daughter Noor Fatima who lost her hand to the Indian shelling in Nikyal city of the District Kotli

“My husband was out for work and only two of us were at home. Since she born, I was spending most of my lime at home looking after her and my husband not even allowed me to go to field to look after our cattle. My mother in law took this responsibility. Fatima born almost 5 years after our marriage and in those five years, my husband and I have visited several saints and shrine to pray to be bestowed with a heir. We celebrated her birth unlike the other villagers who usually don’t wish to have a daughter.

My husband and I kept planning to educate our daughter to make her a worthwhile citizen but we never thought that the heaven is planning something different for us.

When firing started and mortar Shells started falling down around the town, I picked her up and ran toward our bedroom. That is the only place we thought will be safe for us but When reached their something happened unexpected. The whole structure of our house shocked with an ear-piercing sound of blast and my eyes filled with dirt and mud. A mortar shell dropped in the backboard, the same place where we were sitting a while ago. Fatima started crying. I though she is frightened. She was already in my lap and I wrapped my arms around her just give her a sense of protection and she became quiet. I though she gone unconscious. Suddenly, I felt a warm fluid flowing down my chest. It was dark in the room and ran towards outside neglecting the fear of being hit by another fire. All I could see was a fountain of blood coming out of her right hand and her face.

I picked a shawl and covered her head and ran towards hospital crying, screaming and calling for help but everyone was worrying about themselves. Almost half way to hospital, I kept praying for the life of my only child, and that was all I could do.

She spent a week at hospital and came back without four figure in her right hand. The wounds and bruises have healed gradually but I could not find her fingers in the rubble and don’t know how she will heal the disability for her whole life.”

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