Story of Fehmeeda Shagu

Feb 3rd, 2020 | Category: Articles

The people with hollow souls, filthy minds, having enough capacity to bum down one’s life with illegitimate use of power, these devils cum Indian Occupational forces, deliberately tend to devastate life of innocent Kashmiri masses. Women and children, youth and old ones, nobody in IOK is safe. Their kids face terror in their eyes. They are used to enchant “FREEDOM” until they lie on the beds of death. To lose a closed one could never be easy for anyone. But to see the closed one weeping breathlessly and dying in hands, hoping for survival, leads towards a heart wrenching trauma for all. Here’s the story of Fehmeeda Shagu, who was at her home with her children and in laws on August 9, 2019, when a flood of protestors could be evident on the streets of Indian Occupied Kashmir.

They were the people who deny to bow down before Indian forces, thus facing obnoxious punishments. No one could judge the courage of Kashmiri youth as if they are out on the streets to welcome their death for sure. It was this time when Indian forces started firing pellets and tear gases in the streets to scatter the protestors on front but to kill them all, at the back, as this gas is surely a form of biological poisoning. Fahmeeda’s house’s window got thrashed suddenly. The tear gas came into the house. That’s when she cried, she started suffocating. Fehmeeda’s husband, Rafiq helped her to rush the hospital. But doctors could not revive her. This incident hit the family very hard. They demand justice. A sudden death and no one to hold accountable, pleaded her husband. There are hundreds of Fehmeedas in Kashmir, whose death go unfigured and unaccountable. Each and every corner of the region is demanding justice. But from whom they should demand. The world has closed their ears. The screams of their women go unheard. What kind of world are we Irving in, which on one side is addressing the Sustainable development goals in the form of peace enchantment, freedom and equality and on the contrary, maintains their silence over the most hazardous conflicted area in the world Indian Occupied Kashmir

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