Story of a 6 year old girl who never get back to school

Feb 4th, 2020 | Category: Articles

“When I reached the hospital, Misbah was laying motionless at operation table and a team of doctors was busy stitching wounds in her forehead. Her face covered with blood and her white uniform was turned red. At first sight, I was unable to believe she is alive.

She is the eldest among my three children and her father as working in the other city. That morning she left for school with 20 rupees in her pocket – almost double of the pocket money she usually get.

Around 9 a.m., when the firing started, I left the other children at home and rushed towards school to bring her back to a safe place. The road to school passes through steep slope and Neelum River is just beneath. I was afraid, even if she is not harmed by the shelling, she might lose control and fell while running back home or any other place. I saw a few children hiding in a cave under a rock and they told me that my daughter is injured and someone took her to hospital.

She was the most vocal, vibrant and outspoken among her classmates. But since she has returned from the hospital, she remains quiet and keeps staring towards the eastern side of our home, where the Indian posts are situated. Whenever she hears the sounds of blasts or Firing, she starts crying and it continues the whole night. The injuries at her forehead are recovering gradually, but l don’t know when the injuries in her mind will recover and she will return to the normal life.”

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