Story of 7-year-old boy shot by Indian snipers from across the Loe in Abbaspur, Poonch

Feb 3rd, 2020 | Category: Articles


Saddam’s mother decided not to send him school on the first day when the school opened after summer vacations. There was news coming from other villages being bombed from across the Loe. She was afraid that while in school, he might be harmed in case shelling starts in this bordering town.

As the day passed, she became busy in her routine work and Saddam stared playing in courtyard. Their house is just a few kilometer away from the LoC and across the village, a check-post of Indian army is quite visible.

Indian soldiers have been targeting this village from the same check post with mortars, rockets and rifles but today no one felt anything unusual.

At around 11 :00 a.m., when she was busy in kitchen, she suddenly heard a sound of gunshot and rushed towards courtyard to see where her son was. She was shocked to see her son laying on the ground and his face red with blood. He was shot in head.

She called everyone for help. Saddam was immediately taken to local hospital but doctors told the wound was so deep that his brain was injured badly. They advised to take him to a bigger hospital in Rawalpindi city, almost 200 kilometers away.

Saddam was taken to hospital but could not survive.

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