Simmering line of Divided Kashmir

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By M Ishaq Begh

The inopportune land in South Asian context which never congregated with any particular and positive transformation is only and only the land of Kashmir. Many wars fought in the diverse regions, but not a single one tainted the ground scenario of their respective locations, as a low intensity war of 1947 did in Kashmir. It estranged the heaven on the earth and made it a hell for its habitants. A single entity was alienated and got divided into different compartments which seem to be strangers for each other. Change as a law of nature remained away from amalgamation point of view because divisive forces continued to be the dominant and foremost factors. A disastrous episode which occurred in 1947 was the creation of Line of Control. The ill fated line is dividing not only the land of Kashmir but is also separating those human relations which are never ending in nature. The said line decimated the human desires and aspirations as well, that is why it is named as a Bleeding line. It is a separating line, having only heinous records as it pass through the compounds of houses and separated numerous families. Line acted as a crabby for these dejected people who are innocents and never thought of such a mournful climate. They paid for what they never did. Whenever an affection brought them in the mode of glimpse they either fell to the bullets or blown to pieces when stepped over the land mines. This dividing line whether you call it LOC or a barrier between two parts of a same region, unlike Berlin Wall never saw an effort which may have found an approach to its obliteration. It is a line which does not constitute a legally recognized image but is a de-facto separator of two regions of Kashmir. Being a de-facto border it was given another name “cease fire line” as it witnessed only the climate of bombardment.

The dividing line in Kashmir is 740Km long but only 550Km line is a separation barrier constructed by India and consists of double row of fencing and concrete wire eight to twelve feet high. This length is electrified and connected with a network of motion sensors. Redcliff, McMahan and Durand lines were the demands of past time but dividing the land of Kashmir was an unfortunate act and not less than a tragedy. No doubt several CBM’s including cross LOC trade was made an endeavor to decrease the simmer between two countries. Trade proved nothing but merely an endowment to small group of population as huge group is still on bad terms. The said LOC only proved as an escalator of the tension between the armies present on the two sides and a separation point for the oneness.

All the world nations paid less heed to the basic conflict and are least bothered about the resolution of it and the conflict continued to be a flash point in South Asia. This line including LAC may engage India, Pakistan and China in future wars because spark existed there and which may ignite the whole region. Whether we talk about LOC or LAC both of these never remained calm but escalated the already present tension. This line always played the bloody game with the local habitants as they live under the thunders of mortars and shelling. One common man in the divided regions always dreamt for the demolition of this line and reunion like Germany but dreams remained dreams as they were not facilitated by any of the world powers. Every time the impiety politics across the world made its tragic nature a possibility because they prefer their interests over the human rights. Presence of this carnage line became their trade facilitator. Their political survival and physical existence seems to be dependent on the very existence of this fatal line.

Any untoward incident lead the rivals to the doors of in past and no doubt it may affect them badly as they are at the point of destruction. But it is the mankind alone which will see the doomsday before it come and will push Kashmir’s to the apprehensive climate. Due to the presence of this tragic line both India and Pakistan acted as puppets during the times of cold war and now are hostages to the conflict of Kashmir. History depicts it clearly that many negative developments on this line always added fuel to the highly flamed fire and proved disastrous to the common people. The cease fire which was announced after the Kargil war gave a sigh of relief to the people but recent developments in Mendhar and Karnah may escalate the tension and turn their life into the hell.

Both the armies accuse one another for the cease fire violations but fact is that presence of this line is a violation. They whether start shelling or retaliate it are losing the precious lives. In 2007 seven Indian soldiers were killed and the body of sepoy Bhausaheb Maruti Talekar was beheaded, india accused that his body was paraded before the Gen Musharaf in a town. Pakistan also accused India for such acts many times. This gives a message that friendship is less and tension is more. Before some days Pakistani media reported that one of its soldiers was killed by Indian army when the latter entered into the other region. Soon after this incident Indian army again accused Pakistani forces for killing its two soldiers and beheading one of them. Killing in any form is itself a crime then why to accuse someone or to be accused. Whole world is now acknowledging the fact that any escalation at the LOC may trigger a disastrous war between India and Pakistan. But unfortunately cannot intervene in the conflict because of the opposition made by one of the stake holders. The role of UNMOGIP in both parts of Kashmir is now termed as a spectator group alone because of their silence. When sought their help they neither come forward nor impose any strictness.

Kashmirs got killed UNMOGIP watched and proved their impotence. Their presence and job in the divided land is like a gag as their existence after the deployment yielded nothing. Forces remain busy in fighting and world demands restrain, but this restrain cannot be elongated as the conflicting nature is alive at both the sides. The CBM’s including temporary restrain may get converted into full fledged confidence and permanent ease only if the basic hurdle is wiped out. Grumbling line of Kashmir if remain there that means the thunders of artilleries and other weapons will keep to roar. Besides their roars the weaponry armies are going to take lives of their opponents and also will lose their own lives. Due to the continuing nature of Kashmir conflict the shadow of war will continue to lurk on both India and Pakistan, their economies will find stagnation and humanity may suffer. Any untoward incident who so ever is guilty may lead towards destruction and failures. Humanity across the line are certainly advocating for its demolition but for time being restrain is must so that mankind with other aspects may flourish.

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