Shabbir suggests trilateral talks to resolve Kashmir dispute

Aug 20th, 2014 | Category: Kashmir News

Senior Hurriyet leader, Shabbir Ahmad Shah, who held a meeting with Pakistani High Commissioner Abdul Basit in New Delhi, the other day, has favoured trilateral talks to resolve the Kashmir dispute.

Shabbir Ahmad Shah told reporters outside the Pakistani High Commission in New Delhi, “Bilateral talks between India and Pakistan can be on issues like water and nuclear energy but until the topic of Kashmir is not addressed, these talks will continue to fail. However, we welcome the talks, will promote and lead to friendship of the two countries,” said a statement issued from his office.

“We however feel that the talks should be trilateral, with India, Pakistan and representatives of Kashmir at the table. If the Modi government really wants to leave a mark on India and the world, they should accept that Kashmir as an issue and give Kashmiris the right that they deserve,” he added.

“We believe in meaningful dialogue. But bilateral dialogues that have taken place so far have failed. We think there should be trilateral talks.”

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