Pellets destroyed family in Pulwama

Jan 19th, 2017 | Category: Kashmir News

In occupied Kashmir, the blinding of a 27-year-old BA final year student, Muhammad Ashraf Wani, by pellets has ruined his family in Pulwama.

After my husband’s death thirteen years ago, it was Muhammad Ashraf Wani who supported families by earning livelihood for the family.

He arranged marriages of his two younger sisters from his own earning a couple of years ago. “But now he has been rendered disabled,” said his mother.

On August 24, 2016, Indian forces directly opened fire at a pro-freedom rally in Prichoo Pulwama. One of the bullets hit 27-year-old BA final year student Muhammad Ashraf Wani in his back. The bullet penetrated his chest and ruptured some of his internal organs. Though doctors at SMHS hospital in Srinagar conducted surgery on him the same day and removed the bullet, he continued to be in coma for fifteen days. After regaining consciousness, he remained under observation at the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) for more than twenty days. Recuperating at home, he was beginning once again to move about on his own feet when Indian armed forces attacked Prichoo Pulwama again October, 2016. This time, they hit Ashraf with pellets, blinding his eyes.

“He had received 75 stitches during the surgery for bullet injury. And just when he had started showing signs of improvement, the forces again came and attacked him with pellets,” said Ashraf’s mother, Rahti.

“We found him in half-dead state. Forces had emptied hundreds of pellets into his shoulder, arm and eyes,” Rahti said.

Ashraf is a student of BA final year. Being the eldest among five siblings including three sisters, he was shouldering the family’s responsibility after his father’s death.

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