Kathua Brutal Rape Murder Case: Shameful, Heinous and Disgusting

Apr 12th, 2018 | Category: Articles

Javid Ahmad Wani

An eight year old nomad girl (Asifa) was abducted and then serially raped and murdered in a gruesome way. The only sin of the girl was that she belonged to a bakarwal family whom the accused wanted to drive out of the village, they were residing temporary. The accused committed the crime at the instigation and abetment of a strong man, a former revenue official who is also the custodian of “Devsthan” temple where the minor was kept for two days and raped by Khajuria and a juvenile before dumping her body in the forest. DNA tests on hair strands found at the temple as well as Asifa’s body have confirmed her presence at the temple. Post mortem tests on Asifa have confirmed the damage to private parts as well as the uterus, which clearly indicate sexual assault upon the baby girl.

The accused was arrested along with other people who supported him in committing the crime and in the destruction of the evidence. However, some people instead of condemning the heinous act began to stall and obstruct the investigation process by forming a group under the banner of “Hindu Ekta Munch” led by a former sarpanch Kant Kumar of Kootah and expressly supported by sitting ministers Lal Singh and Chandra Prakash.

The highest drama was seen on Saturday when a group of lawyers from the Bar Association, Kathua prevented the Crime Branch from filing a charge sheet against the accused before the chief judicial magistrate. The act of lawyers is not only condemnable but high shameful and disgusting. How can the upholders of law and justice prevent justice to prevail and that too in a crime that is utterly odious, despicable and heinous in nature? It is slap on their conscience and education.
A lawyer is a custodian of law and interpreter of justice and if they side with the criminals then who will uphold and protect the law and justice?? This will shatter the entire justice system and create serious doubts against the lawyers’ community who are otherwise much respected.

Their insane and immoral action is based on the demand that the case should be shifted to the CBI; this is utterly childish. Why should they demand CBI inquiry when even the report has not been discussed? If this is it, then why the state police is being given the task to deal with militants and lose their lives? Does it mean their lives are so cheap and less respectable? Or, they are only meant to mere deal with encounters with militants and do not know the rules of normal policing? Answers to all such question will be uncovered in the future. All efforts should be made to bring the culprits of this heinous and despicable crime to the book, the soonest!

The author is a freelance writer. He can be reached at: wjavaid23@gmail.com

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