Kashmiris, Sikhs and americans protest against Modi in US

Oct 1st, 2014 | Category: Kashmir News

The Kashmiri American Council staged a sit-in outside the White House on Monday as Indian Prime Minister arrived to attend a private dinner where he was due to meet President Obama and other key US officials.

A number of Sikh protesters also gathered outside the White House and chanted slogans against the Indian Prime Minister.

As per reporters, police had to intervene when some supporters of Modi and protesters came face to face.

Meanwhile, a broad coalition of organisations and individuals under the umbrella Alliance for Justice and Accountability (AJA) greeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi with protests while he was attending a gathering inside the Madison Square garden on Sunday afternoon.

The demonstrators carrying posters and banners were shouting slogans against Modi. Slogans on placards, banners and posters read ‘Modi India’s Prime Murderer’, ‘No More Hate, No More Killing’, Wanted Narendra Modi – For Crime against Humanity.

The protesters had arrived in New York City from New Jersey, Baltimore, Washington DC, and Philadelphia by chartered buses.

A spokesman of the coalition told reporters that their demonstration had the many objectives. First, by refusing to allow the thousands killed, raped and displaced by the Gujarat massacres be forgotten; they are calling for him, along with other government and police officials implicated in the events of 2002, to be made accountable for crimes against humanity. Secondly, they seek to highlight widespread concerns about the neoliberal development programme itself as a flawed model with a poor track record for India.

The Alliance for Justice and Accountability is a coalition of a diverse range of Indian/South Asian organisations and individuals.

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