Kashmir – An 18-Month-Old Victim in a Very Old Fight

Jan 21st, 2019 | Category: Articles

Renewed conflict in Kashmir is killing and blinding the young as politicians remain unwilling to find a just resolution to the old dispute.

By Malik Sajad

Mr. Sajad is a graphic novelist from Kashmir.

In the spring of 2016, I left Srinagar, my home in Indian Controlled Kashmir, to work as an illustrator for website in New Delhi.

It was a new India. Cow vigilantes, lynch and Hang Muslim Cattle Traders.

Mob at their Door, 4 Kashmiri students arrested over beef rumor

A few months later Delhi Police Knocked at the door. It was 4 a.m I was jolted out of sleep.

Are you a Kashmiri? Yes, Sir!

They searched my apartment. What do you think about terrorism in Kashmir?


Malik Sajad, a writer and visual artist, is the author of the graphic novel, “Munnu: A Boy from Kashmir.”

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