Is Facebook Supports Ruling BJP in India?

Aug 29th, 2020 | Category: Articles

By Muhammad Umair

In the world full of wonders and new generation addicted to social media, everyone is covetous to know about the happenings across the globe. No one has enough time to read newspaper, watch television and verify the news. One can get the updates whether it’s a studying, dealing, travelling, hunting or any other activity. A lot of news resources exist there, main source in the modern age is social media. Various applications are being used as a source of current affairs in the world. So, in order to obtain better access to the world everyone prefers social media e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube instead of reading the newspaper without knowing actual facts and figures. Social apps especially; Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are being owned and controlled by a single owner. It has been such profitable and powerful business spread around the world. India is a huge market of such business. As there is a lot of fake stuff, one can easily be trapped through it and authorities are playing the role of spectators.

In the reign of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) headed by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, rights of minorities are ruined. Whether it is a matter of Muslims, Sikhs Christians, Dalits and other minorities, Indian’s Hindus treated extremely worst. Mainly Muslims are being victimized by such extremists. On the other side, extremely strict lockdown has been imposed in Kashmir by Indian military since more than one year. Human rights violations are on the peak. Indian military has surrendered the Kashmiris in their homeland, no activities are being done by the Kashmiris. That’s such a horrific situation for the welfare countries and NGO’s working on human rights.

Recently, an Indian extremist, lawmaker T Raja Singh from Telangana state upload such Anti-Muslim posts and in respond Facebook deleted those posts by claiming the violation of hate speech rules. In opposition of this step Indian executive of the firm threatened the employees of Facebook by saying that deletion of the posts of BJP’s members would damage their business in the country. Further it is stated that opposition MP’s raised voice for investigation and opposition leader Rahul Gandhi claimed that BJP is controlling the Facebook in the country by spreading fake news and hatred speech. An Indian Information Technology (IT) minister, Ravi Shankar responded to Rahul Gandhi by saying,

                “Losers who cannot influence people even in their own party keep cribbing that the entire world is controlled by BJP & RSS. You were caught red-handed in alliance with Cambridge Analytica & Facebook to weaponise data before the elections & now have the gall to question us?”

India is a biggest market of Facebook across the world. There are more than 336 million Facebook users and more than 400 million WhatsApp users in the country. If BJP controls these social apps then data of Pakistan’s users can be easily hacked and used for any horrific purpose. Recently, in April Facebook invested $5.7 bn in a mobile internet company named Reliance Jio, owned by Mukesh Ambani, the richest person of the India. It can be seen that if Facebook would deny to obey the order of BJP’s leader, there could be a huge loss for the company. How can a firm bear such a huge loss? Being avoided by the loss, Facebook obeyed the BJP’s order. It can be profitable for the company but not for the rest of the world. Violation of human rights are hidden by such mafia. Hindu extremists are being represented innocent to the world through this platform.

Moreover, Andy Stone a spokesman of Facebook claimed that they are working sincerely against any violence of hatred speech and any other stuff across the globe. In addition, they claimed that they are exceptional of such affiliations with any influencing political or governing party. T Raja Singh is not an individual in this conspiracy but the whole party could be involved, claimed the opposition of Ankhi Das; an executive of company in the country, said Mr. Andy. On the other side, T R Singh claimed that his Facebook account was being hacked by some hackers in 2018 whether that was misused or not he was not sure about that and claimed that he reported to Cyber Crime detectives. Exception, Mr. Singh, the legislator of BJP said that there are anti-social in the community, so he talks to them in their language. In public meetings he talks in style so one of his follower may upload the video of that speech. He revealed that his Instagram account is still active but not operated by him.

It is not the first time that Facebook is favoring to the Indian Government. In past, series of articles are published about the issue. Numerous journalists revealed the relations and meetings of Indian Govt. and Facebook officials. Praveen Chakravarty, the chief of data analytics of Congress Party revealed that he met with senior Facebook officials in US and talked about the biased partnership with their Indian Government. Similarly, Shashi Tharoor, a dominant MP of Congress party and chairman of committee on IT believes that recent revelations requires investigation.

Besides, still there is a lot of stuff on the social app to take action against violations. In latest biannual Community Standards Enforcement report Facebook claimed that they had taken action against more than 20 million pieces of hate speech content which caused the violations in community between January and March. But in its biggest market across the globe there is need of special strictness to avoid such irrelevant and hatred speech against human rights and violations.

*Muhammad Umair is an engineer by profession and also writes as a freelancer with having keen eye on South Asian Politics.

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