Indian authorities re-impose curfew in Kashmir’s main city

Jul 29th, 2016 | Category: Kashmir News

Authorities have re-imposed curfew in the main city of Srinagar in Indian-controlled Kashmir to prevent a protest march to the main mosque called by separatist leaders before Friday afternoon prayers.

Residents say government forces visited homes in Srinagar before dawn and asked them to stay indoors. One resident, Bashir Ahmed, says police didn’t allow bakers and milkmen to deliver supplies in the area. The previous curfew that had been in place since the latest anti-India violence erupted on July 9 was lifted from the city on Thursday.

Areas of southern Kashmir where most of the deadly street protests have been centered have remained under curfew. At least 49 civilians, mostly teenagers and young men, and a policeman have been killed in violence triggered by the killing of a rebel leader.

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