‘India furious on UK MPs’ plan to debate Kashmir’

Sep 11th, 2014 | Category: Kashmir News

The Indian government is furious over British MPs’ plan to hold a debate on the political and humanitarian situation in occupied Kashmir.

The debate will take place in the in a committee room of the House of Commons.David Ward, a Liberal Democrat MP, sought the debate in which government as well as opposition spokesmen will participate. Mr Ward represents Bradford East in the House of Commons. Bradford city has the biggest Pakistani-origin population in Britain. In the past, such constituents have been known to pressurise their MPs to censure India on Kashmir.

Speaking at an event, the Deputy High Commissioner for India in the UK, Dr Virander Paul, said: “From time to time, we find that there are certain tendencies in certain sections of the society, which are not in the interest of our strong relations.”

While he made no reference to the upcoming debate, his remarks appeared aimed at Dr Vince Cable, a senior cabinet minister present at the function, who is a long-standing Liberal Democrat leader. In other words, it was a suggestion to Mr Cable to rein in Mr Ward, his party colleague.

In 2011, when British parliamentarians debated Kashmir, there were several more pro-Pakistan speakers than pro-India speakers.

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