Helplessness of Kashmiri Mothers

Feb 3rd, 2020 | Category: Articles

A helpless mother is weeping on her fate of losing her young son

What would happen if, amidst darkness, around the arrival of dawn, the Indian Occupational forces, harshly strike the door of your house, summoning you to open the door or they’ll smash it. While opening it, you ended it up by losing someone from your family, bringing chaos and hysteria amongst oneself. This is the story of every house in Indian Occupied Kashmir nowadays.

A helpless mother is weeping on her fate of losing her young son, who wasn’t even allowed to wear his clothes or shoes, before he got detained by Indian occupational forces, who deliberately intervened their privacy at about half past three in the morning Those fanatics had pointed their guns on her son and ordered her to put off the lights Indeed, the kashmiris were expecting such monstrous actions by Indian army, retrospectively. But at that time, when she was actually experiencing that, she could not even feel herself on earth. She thought by herself if her son was the culprit, whom they were behaving like a terrorist or what if it was all her dream. But the reality knocked her soon, when the forces started to grab her son and started thrashing and dragging him in front of her eyes.

They brutally took him with them. In despair, she was actually thinking about nothing but the question, what if I could not be able to see him again Farzana couldn’t do anything at that time but to wait, wait for the sun to rise in the yard of her house, as the occupational forces said while leaving that they will leave her son after sometime But to whom she would trust, those who apparently are infamous for killing and disappearing sons of Kashmiri mothers. But hope is a thing that sustains Farzana. She is still waiting for her son to return like thousands of mothers who’s sons were taken away but never returned.

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