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May 28th, 2014 | By

By Sabah Aslam The early part of 20th century witnessed the collapse of the Russian Empire. This big fall of Russian Revolution 1917 led to chaos and unrest in all parts of the state including Azerbaijan. Hence under the slogan of ‘struggle against the counter-revolutionaries’ in March 1918, the Baku Commune of Armenians and Bolsheviks

GEO and moral values

May 19th, 2014 | By

By Dr Muhammad Faheem Belharvi Irreligious act of the Geo channel appeared like a blow from the sky, as people have already been praising the armed forces and ISI. In this context, besides other leaders, and political parties, even Jamat-i-Islami remarked that Geo and Jang group has been implementing anti-Pakistan agenda of external powers. Especially,

Who is Derailing Democracy in Pakistan?

May 16th, 2014 | By

 Posted by Dr Muhammad Faheem Belharvi    During the first anniversary of 2013 general elections in Pakistan, on May 11, this year, country-wide protest rallies led by leaders of Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI), Pakistan Awami Tehrik (PAT), Pakistan Muslim League (Q) and Jamaat Islami (JI) were held against the rigging in the elections, demanding a corruption-free

Geo TV premeditated assault on ISI

May 9th, 2014 | By

  Asif Haroon Raja On April 19, 2014, Geo TV anchor and senior journalist Hamid Mir was attacked by unknown assailant (s) in Karachi when he was travelling in a car from the airport to Geo office. Out of 12 bullets fired, six bullets pierced his abdomen and legs. The driver who remained unscathed drove

GEO – Going for a Settlement?

May 8th, 2014 | By

By Ishaal Zehra Although the Hamid Mir dramatic event is dying down its own death because of inability of people in charge of this act to prove their accusations, but they should not be given an easy escape because this incident has shook all the nook and corners of Pakistan, hurting the feelings of a

The Man Who Steered His Nation to the Pinnacles of Glory

May 6th, 2014 | By

Sabah Aslam The name of Mr. Heydar Aliyev is progressively linked with the socio-political, economic and cultural uplift of the people of Azerbaijan, who has been able to leave indelible marks to change the successful course of history into the very lap of his nation, which is indisputably indebted to his unflinching efforts for the

Inside Hamid Mir Episode

May 2nd, 2014 | By

By Tariq Rizwan GEO is a popular channel and seen across the country. It is providing employment to thousands of Pakistanis but its characterless owner Mir Shakil ur Rehman is bent upon closing the channel to deprive these employees of their bread and butter. The game started when a senior anchor person of ARY Channel